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What Dog Owners Should Know About Chondroitin For Dogs

In some ways, dogs are even better companions than people: they love us unconditionally, they don’t criticize us when we make mistakes, and when we come home after being away, they act as if we literally hung the moon and stars. This doesn’t mean that dogs are low maintenance family members, however. There are a lot of health issues that can strike dogs without warning, so pet owners have to be proactive. In recent years, chondroitin for dogs has been in the media a lot, but how do you know if it’s right for your dog? Let’s go over the basics. Chondroitin is a natural compound derived from animal cartilage. It’s used in both humans and animals as a treatment...

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Don’t Fall For These 3 Common Myths About Dog Joint Care

Most dog owners think of themselves as parents. Dogs are our babies, and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to make sure they’re happy and healthy. If we notice that our dog is exhibiting some of the signs of decreased joint health or osteoarthritis, the first thing we’re going to do is seek advice from the Internet and loved ones who also own dogs. Unfortunately, both of these sources are full of myths about dog joint care. It can be hard to separate the fact from fiction, so here are a few common myths that you can definitely ignore. Myth 1: Only Old Dogs Need To Worry About Arthritis Although it might be more common in senior dogs, arthritis and other...

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Dog Glucosamine & More: How to Care For Your Dog's Joints

Many dog's experience  joint pain as they start to get older. While some breeds are more susceptible to joint problems than others, all dogs can be vulnerable based on their diets, living conditions, and genetics. Symptoms of joint pain issues include: Difficulty getting up or laying down Licking joints obsessively  Slower walking pace Weight gain Stiffness in the legs If you spot any of these signs, chances are good that your dog is experiencing joint pain. You should take your pet into the veterinarian for confirmation. Your vet can give you a treatment place that includes dog glucosamine, regular exercise, and other ideas to help prevent your dog's joint pain from getting worse. The best way to ease dog joint...

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