Canine Health

Dog Glucosamine & More: How to Care For Your Dog's Joints

Many dog's experience  joint pain as they start to get older. While some breeds are more susceptible to joint problems than others, all dogs can be vulnerable based on their diets, living conditions, and genetics. Symptoms of joint pain issues include:

  • Difficulty getting up or laying down
  • Licking joints obsessively 
  • Slower walking pace
  • Weight gain
  • Stiffness in the legs

If you spot any of these signs, chances are good that your dog is experiencing joint pain. You should take your pet into the veterinarian for confirmation. Your vet can give you a treatment place that includes dog glucosamine, regular exercise, and other ideas to help prevent your dog's joint pain from getting worse.

The best way to ease dog joint pain is to prevent it in the first place. Starting a healthy routine with your dog when they are young can help prevent joint issues as they age. Here are some things you can do with your dog to help prevent joint problems in the future: 

  1. Give them dog glucosamine. Much like the glucosamine supplements that you take yourself, dog glucosamine is made especially for a dog's system. You can start this supplement when your dog is young and before they start to show signs of joint health problems in an effort to ward off issues in the future. 
  2. Make sure they exercise daily. Dogs need to keep moving in order to keep their joints healthy. A daily walk, a run through the park, frisbee exercise, or agility training can help keep their joints moving and lubricated. 
  3. Feed them a healthy diet. Nutrition plays an important role in your dog's joint health. Feeding them a healthy diet will give their body the nutrients it needs to create the cushioning fluid in their joints and keep your dog healthy. 
  4. Keep the weight off. Extra weight puts extra pressure on a dog's joints. By keeping your dog at a healthy weight, you'll be preventing extra pressure being placed on their joints which can cause them to wear out sooner. 
  5. Take them in for regular check ups. Pets are notoriously hard to diagnose ourselves; they are very good at masking illness and injury. Regular check ups can help your vet spot an issue early on and help your pet get the treatment they need to prevent the issue from becoming worse. 

If you have an older dog who is already experiencing joint pain issues, these tips can still apply. Starting them on a dog glucosamine supplement is a great first step, along with feeding them a healthy diet and helping them lose weight. While it might seem counterintuitive to exercise a dog who is experiencing joint pain, it can actually be beneficial; even a slow walk around the block can help their joints and encourage weight loss. 

Following these tips throughout the life of your dog can help them live healthier, happier and longer lives. You can purchase dog glucosamine on the Lloyd & Lucy's Pet Supplies website and start your dog on a healthier routine today!