About L&L

A few years ago, Lloyd and Lucy's Pet Supplies was a dream inside our heads. 

If you've ever started your own business based on your own values and beliefs, you know that it's a scary thing. We wondered if anyone would notice, if the response would be positive, if our values would resonate with others.

We knew that we wanted WHOLESOME, QUALITY INGREDIENTS that could create a positive effect. So, we worked closely with a top manufacturer in the U.S. to get the right balance of ingredients, enough to make a difference in a dog's way of life.

We knew that we wanted a dog joint care supplement that both the owner and the dog loved That meant not only getting effective ingredients but also irresistible taste. So, we decided to infuse our dog joint supplements with our own recipe of liver-flavored goodness that we knew dogs would love.

We also knew that we wanted OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICEWe wanted to provide quick responses to questions or concerns, and against the advice of some, we decided to offer a money-back guarantee if your dog doesn't love the taste. Ridiculous? We didn't think so because we knew we were selling something special.

So, now that we're one year in, we couldn't be happier to report that dog owners did notice, the response was positive, and our values did resonate. Our sales have grown over 300%, and reviews came flooding in. Even after hundreds of reviews, dog owners are still writing in and sharing how their dogs not only love the taste of our Hip and Joint care for dogs but have also recovered their agility and energy.

Customers like Dwight who writes:


Customers like Melissa who writes:

And we could go on and on.

Are we proud? More like grateful. We're grateful that dog owners have found a company that cares about their dogs and their money. We're grateful that we have the privilege of hearing how dogs run again, go on walks again, and bring happiness to their owners again. Not proud, just grateful.

If you have questions about us or any of our products, don't hesitate to contact us online.