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Don’t Fall For These 3 Common Myths About Dog Joint Care

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Most dog owners think of themselves as parents. Dogs are our babies, and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to make sure they’re happy and healthy. If we notice that our dog is exhibiting some of the signs of decreased joint health or osteoarthritis, the first thing we’re going to do is seek advice from the Internet and loved ones who also own dogs. Unfortunately, both of these sources are full of myths about dog joint care. It can be hard to separate the fact from fiction, so here are a few common myths that you can definitely ignore.

Myth 1: Only Old Dogs Need To Worry About Arthritis

Although it might be more common in senior dogs, arthritis and other joint issues can absolutely occur in younger dogs. While age is a major contributing factor, level of high impact activity definitely influence the chances that hip and joint issues will develop. Working dogs and show dogs are examples of younger dogs that could be at risk.

Myth 2: Osteoarthritis Can Be Cured

While some canine medicine manufacturers will tell you that arthritis is a health issue that can be completely eliminated, it simply isn’t true. The good news is that it can be managed very effectively, provided you take the right steps and choose the right dog joint supplements.

Myth 3: Your Dog Must Stop Exercising

A lack of interest in running and playing is a big clue that your dog is suffering from dog joint pain. However, once your dog has been diagnosed, there’s no reason at all to prevent them from moving around. In fact, exercise is a key component of an effective arthritis-management plan. However, all of your dog’s new exercise regimen must be tailored to their needs with the help of your veterinarian.

The best way to focus on dog joint care is to make dietary changes, make changes to their exercise regimen, and find a high-quality dog joint supplement like the ones we make at Lloyd & Lucy’s.