Canine Health

Is Your Pet Suffering From Dog Joint Pain?

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When a human is in pain, they have very obvious ways of telling each other. Even before they can speak, babies use facial expressions, body language, and crying as a way to tell their parents that something is wrong. It’s different for dogs and other animals, however. The signs that they’re suffering from dog joint pain are much more subtle. If you notice any of the following, it could be a signal that arthritis is causing them pain.

Not Playing With Other Dogs

Is your dog normally active and playful at the dog park, eating grass whenever your back is turned? If your dog suddenly becomes sedentary and shows no interest in galloping around with their friends, it’s a big red flag that movement has become uncomfortable.

They Don’t Want To Cuddle

Has your dog suddenly started ignoring your affection? Animals who’re suffering from arthritis will often shy away from being touched, and may become irritable or snappy if you pet them anyway.

Sleeping On The Floor Instead Of The Couch (Or Your Bed)

Most dogs have to be dragged off the couch and bed. They just want to hang out where their humans are hanging out! However, if you’ve noticed that your dog has begun snoozing on the floor, it could be because it’s too painful to jump up on the couch or bed.


These aren’t all of the signs that your pet is suffering from dog joint pain, but they are a few of the big red flags that should make you immediately take notice. If the symptoms persist or become worse, talk to your vet immediately. Ask them about adding one of our hip and joint supplements today!