Canine Health

3 Common Foods That Increase Joint Health For Dogs

Is your dog suffering from decreased joint health? Like humans, dogs who maintain an extremely active lifestyle or are simply entering their senior years are more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis and other joint issues. For dog lovers, watching the discomfort and lack of mobility that comes from these issues can be heartbreaking. What many don’t realize is that there are a number of natural foods that can increase joint health for dogs. Be sure to consult with your vet before adding any of these to your dog’s diet, however!


Alfalfa is a member of the pea family, and has been used for medicinal purposes for over 1,000 years. According to clinical research quoted in Dogs Naturally Magazine, as many as 20% of people who take alfalfa report a marked decrease in painful arthritis symptoms and similar results have been reported in animals. Dried alfalfa can be sprinkled on dog food, while capsules and tinctures intended for human consumption can also be used in very small doses.


Dandelion is a valuable anti-inflammatory herb as well as being helpful to the liver. Dried dandelions can be crumbled on food, and it can also be made into a tea. Be sure any dandelions you use are free of herbicides and pesticides which are extremely toxic to people and animals.


Certain types of fish, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, and herring,  are packed with inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids. Seek out pet food brands that included fish as an ingredient, but ever feed your dog human-sized portions of only raw or cooked fish.

If you’ve tried dietary measures like these and aren’t seeing results, please consider our supplement which has been shown to increase joint health for dogs.