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What is Hip Dysplasia?

You would consider joint care to be important for your own body, right? It is just as important to pay attention to proper joint care for dogs. Canine hip dysplasia affects thousands of dogs every year, so it's important that you know the causes and signs of this sometimes crippling disease. Promote the natural movement of your dog’s hips and joints through Lloyd and Lucy’s dog joint supplements. Our hip and joint product is made with flavors that your canine friend will love and wholesome ingredients like glucosamine and MSM for dogs to promote healing and relief. Feel free to contact us online with any questions regarding our supplements or canine health in general.

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Is My Dog Overweight?

In this edition of Just a Doggone Minute, we help dog owners answer the question, "Is my dog overweight?" We'll give you specific statistics on dog obesity and helpful tips on how you can examine your dog's weight. So, is your dog overweight? Canine obesity can lead to other problems, such as problems with the hips or joints. Dog glucosamine and other similar supplements can help significantly with proper joint care for dogs. Give Lloyd and Lucy’s Pet Supplies’ dog joint supplements a try if your dog suffers from hip or joint pain.  

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Welcome To Lloyd & Lucy’s Pet Supplies’ Blog

Welcome to Lloyd & Lucy’s Pet Supplies’ Blog! Here you’ll find the ins and outs, tips and tricks, news and happenings of dog health, especially joint health. We love our furry friends; they’re family. We began our adventure in joint care for dogs just about one year ago. It was a bit of a scary start, but it was our dream. We dream of owners and dogs frolicking gaily in full health and happiness. We built our business around three simple principles: quality ingredients, outstanding customer service, and, of course, a product that both the pet and owner enjoy.   Quality Ingredients Even though our dogs can’t speak to us, we know that they want full health. That’s why the...

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