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Welcome To Lloyd & Lucy’s Pet Supplies’ Blog

Welcome to Lloyd & Lucy’s Pet Supplies’ Blog! Here you’ll find the ins and outs, tips and tricks, news and happenings of dog health, especially joint health. We love our furry friends; they’re family. We began our adventure in joint care for dogs just about one year ago. It was a bit of a scary start, but it was our dream. We dream of owners and dogs frolicking gaily in full health and happiness. We built our business around three simple principles: quality ingredients, outstanding customer service, and, of course, a product that both the pet and owner enjoy.


Quality Ingredients

Even though our dogs can’t speak to us, we know that they want full health. That’s why the basis of our pet supplement is quality ingredients. We worked closely with a specialist in Missouri to ensure all ingredients are healthy and beneficial. If ingredients weren’t healthy, they were kicked out of the recipe.


Tasty Product

Once the ingredients were properly balanced for joint health, we added in our own liver flavoring that we know pups love. This addition makes dogs think their supplement is actually a treat, so it’s a win-win!


Top-Notch Customer Service

When it comes to Lloyd & Lucy’s Pet Supplies, outstanding customer service is non-negotiable. We believe each person should be treated with respect. To us that includes the promise that your dog will love our joint health supplements or you can send them back and we’ll give you a full refund. You can even have 45 days to convince your pup of the goodness that is Lloyd & Lucy’s joint care supplement for dogs. In addition to that 45-day product guarantee, we promise to always provide quick answers to any of your questions, concerns, comments, or stories.


Please share your stories! We love to hear of the progress in your dog’s health. Stay tuned to our blog for more. Like we said above, we’re going to use our platform to continue in our customer service mission. We want you to use our blog as a resource for furthering your dog’s health. Some blogs may dive into the direct effect the ingredients have in your dog’s health while others may not involve our supplements at all. We know you’re busy playing with your dog and spending time with other life activities, so you’ll only need to check back a few times per month. We’ll have the fresh content for some light reading. Enjoy the time you have with your re-energized pup!