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3 Huge Reasons Your Dog Should Be On A Probiotic

Humans have long believed that the gut is a central part of the body’s overall health system. And with the advancement of medicine, science has confirmed the importance of a healthy and balanced digestive tract.

But while humans have become much more educated on the importance of digestive health, canine gut health has been much slower in gaining attention. Many dog owners are still not paying a lot of close attention to their faithful friend’s own stomach issues.

Case in point? Probiotics. While humans are becoming more and more familiar with the benefits of probiotics for their own gastrointestinal health, very few dog owners provide a daily probiotic for their pet to help their overall digestive system.

If you’re not currently giving probiotics to your own canine companion, here are three huge reasons why you need to start this week.

Probiotics suppress the growth of harmful bacteria within your dog’s digestive tract.

Bacteria is constantly growing within your dog’s G.I. tract. Some are helpful bacteria, but some are harmful.

Many dogs experience digestive discomfort due to an unruly bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, etc.) that has made its way into their stomach. Perhaps due to rancid food or a dead animal, it’s not too difficult for dogs to ingest tiny, microscopic bacteria that begin to wreak havoc inside your dog.

But a quality probiotic releases billions of tiny, beneficial bacteria that will fight against the harmful bacteria and restore balance to your dog’s stomach. Harmful bacteria are met with a giant army of microorganisms that are determined to let good stuff grow and let bad stuff die!

And probiotics will reduce constipation, making it easier for your pup to expel all of the toxins inside their digestive tract and thus expelling the harmful bacteria as well.

Probiotics reduce gas, bloating, diarrhea, and digestive flareups.

When billions of beneficial bacteria are released in your dog’s stomach, they go to work in restoring digestive balance to your dog’s gut. They move throughout your dog’s G.I. tract helping to fight off digestion destroyers and protecting it from future attacks.

When a dog experiences digestive discomfort like gas, bloating, diarrhea, loose stools, and more, the cause is often a harmful bacteria inside the digestive system. They are not causes. They are symptoms of a bigger problem. But once the probiotic has helped remove the problem (dangerous bacteria), the symptoms eventually go away.

Dogs who have suffered with constant stomach issues have found renewed energy and a restored digestion system through the power of probiotics.

Probiotics can boost your dog’s immune system.

When a quality probiotic is used, the beneficial bacteria it releases inside the digestive tract allows tiny microflora to grow in a healthy environment. Certain types of microflora play an important part in stimulating immune responses in the gastrointestinal walls.

Though dog owners are often unaware of it, the stomach is often the first line of defense against canine diseases and infections. And a powerful probiotic will strengthen that “first line” with billions of tiny soldiers who fight off harmful toxins.

Unfortunately, many dog owners haven’t yet discovered the power of probiotics for their dog’s health. But with a dog’s curiosity and voracious appetite, the potential for digestive problems is extremely high. There’s no better way to affect the overall health and energy of your dog than to provide them with a daily dose of a quality probiotic.

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