Canine Health

Preparing For Your New Dog Part Two

Are you thinking about bringing a new dog into your household? Whether you live with your spouse and children or alone, you don’t want to make the decision of getting a dog lightly. Prepare properly by reading part one on this topic and by making sure to do the following:

Establish House Rules

Decide before your dog even enters your home where (s)he will be allowed to be, where (s)he will sleep and eat, etc. Review your house rules with the other members of your household, so they can enforce your rules for you when you aren’t around. For example, if you don’t want your new dog to be allowed on your leather couch or in your bedroom but your roommate allows it while you’re away, then the dog will not effectively learn what you want him or her to learn.

Plan Your Housetraining Strategy

Prepare a housetraining strategy prior to bringing your new dog home. Ask yourself some questions, like will you use a dog door to let your pet into the yard? Does your home already have a dog door, or will you have to install one yourself? Will your dog have access to the entire yard or only a predetermined run? Once you’ve established a housetraining strategy, remain consistent.

Pick An Appropriate Day

It’s not a good idea to bring your new puppy home on Sunday night if you work forty hours a week starting on Monday. Make sure to bring him or her home on a day that allows you to spend a couple of days together. It’s important for your dog to get a chance to get to know you, your personality, and your rules as soon as possible, and this quality time is important for bonding.

Now that you’re ready to bring your new pet home, it’s time for playing, cuddling, and loving your dog. If you begin to notice any signs of arthritis in your new dog, give Lloyd and Lucy’s Pet Supplies’ hip and joint care supplement for dogs a try. We’re dedicated to keeping your dogs happy and healthy.