Canine Health

The Benefits Of Vitamin C For Dogs

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When we feel common colds coming on, many of us mainline orange juice and Vitamin C supplements with the intention of giving our immune systems the boosts they need to fight off the virus. This is because Vitamin C is great for the human body; it has many benefits in dogs as well. Dogs actually produce their own Vitamin C using sunlight just as humans produce their own Vitamin D, but deficiencies can still occur. At Lloyd and Lucy’s Pet Supplies, we put Vitamin C into our canine hip and joint supplements in order to take advantage of the following benefits Vitamin C has for dogs:

Neurotransmitter Production

Certain neurotransmitters such as serotonin require Vitamin C for optimal production. This may explain why a Vitamin C deficiency can cause a dog to become stressed out and misbehave.

Enhanced Immune System

White blood cell function and activity are enhanced by Vitamin C, which enhances the dog’s general immune response. Vitamin C also increases interferon (antiviral and anti-cancer compound) levels in the blood as well as the number of antibodies.

Collagen Health

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for keeping together the structures of our bodies such as our skin and bones. Because Vitamin C is required for collagen production, it helps to promote overall joint health.

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